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Life Sharing

Life Sharing is a program where familiesLife Sharing or individual people invite and welcome a person with an intellectual disability or autism into their home to live in a shared, supportive family environment. Life Sharing provides more than a home. This mutually-rewarding experience offers a unique opportunity for caring and compassionate people who wish to help individuals develop their interests and share responsibilities, successes, and challenges that occur in the course of typical, daily family life.

The Citizen Care Life Sharing program provides persons supported with a sense of community and family; caring, and lasting relationships; greater independence and empowerment to achieve their goals for an everyday life.

For more information, please contact:
Barbara Dyer, Director of Life Sharing | 412-730-3478 or bdyer@PFQ.org
Jeff Truxell, Assistant Executive Director of Community and Employment Supports | 412-446-0765 or jtruxell@PFQ.org

Benefits of Life Sharing for Persons receiving services include:

  • Establishing authentic connections through enduring, freely-given relationships with family, friends and neighbors.
  • The opportunity to live where they want, with whom they want, and the way they want.
  • Foundation for learning life skills, encouraging self-esteem, and fostering independence
  • Gain valuable social roles like volunteer, pet owner, gardener, neighbor, advocate!

Benefits of Life Sharing for the Family/Provider include:

  • The joy of helping people live their best life.
  • Pride in knowing you were instrumental in helping people build relationships, become independent thinkers, decision makers, and problem solvers.
  • Support and guidance from a qualified Life Sharing Specialist
  • Generous tax-free stipend
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